The Northern Ireland Bureau is the diplomatic mission representing the Northern Ireland Executive in North America with offices in Washington, DC and New York. The Bureau works to cultivate and strengthen mutually beneficial links among economic, educational, cultural and community development interests in North America and Northern Ireland. We can investigate issues, explore areas with potential for collaboration, and exchange best practice strategies. The Bureau also serves as a resource for individuals and organizations wishing to learn and understand more about the issues currently affecting Northern Ireland, and its relationship with Canada and the United States.

Defining Northern Ireland
The Bureau is the custodian of the reputation of Northern Ireland in North America.  We aim to convey a positive profile for the region to an audience of policy-makers and opinion-formers by ensuring that the policies of the Northern Ireland Executive and its associated institutions are known and understood.  We supplement this work by monitoring key policy developments in the US and Canada that have the potential for implementation in Northern Ireland.  The Bureau also takes a proactive role in seeking out and establishing collaborative relationships with partners across a diverse range of sectors in North America.

Promoting the profile of Northern Ireland in the US and Canada
Northern Ireland, with 1.8 million citizens, is a relatively small region often seen as being on the periphery of Europe. It does, however, have much to offer; not least in the way its people have striven to develop constitutional solutions to the deep-rooted problems of a divided community. The Bureau regularly organizes receptions where US & Canadian officials have a chance to meet informally with people from Northern Ireland and discuss the realities of life there. The office is also committed to promoting high profile cultural events in Washington, New York and elsewhere in North America.