Civic Engagement

Civic relationships between towns and cities throughout the world help to create mutual understanding of different communities and cultures. The cooperation between cities and towns in North America and Northern Ireland has evolved dramatically in recent years. These partnerships have continually developed strong civic links that produce tangible results for citizens on both sides of the Atlantic.

We have seen the benefits of civic partnerships in many ways, including opening up new markets for businesses, creating jobs, fostering student and cultural exchanges, promoting urban regeneration and examining best practice in the delivery of public services.

Many of our councils are engaged in dealing with issues that have an immediate and sustained impact on communities, from recycling to attracting investment into an area, and providing leisure services to town planning. The nature and delivery of local government services has changed with the introduction of new technology and we want to encourage the sharing of this type of knowledge.

The Northern Ireland Bureau will continue to work with governments and organizations on the city, state/provincial and federal levels to explore new entrepreneurial strategies, to do business together and to work with existing civic partnerships to see how we can maximize the value of these ties. If you are involved in any “twinning” projects with Northern Ireland, or would like to initiate possible links, please contact us at the Bureau.