Arts & Culture

Northern Ireland has a rich and varied heritage, as is reflected throughout the region’s many celebrated museums, public exhibition and gallery spaces, creative learning centres, festivals, sport venues, and music and arts programmes. The birthplace of literary giants like Seamus Heaney and C. S. Lewis; sporting legends like George Best and Rory McIlroy; screen icons like Liam Neeson, Jamie Dornan, Kenneth Branagh, Michelle Fairley and Roma Downey; and rock ‘n’ roll superstars like Van Morrison and Snow Patrol—Northern Ireland’s cultural landscape is dynamic, vibrant and, wholly original.

The Bureau works with a variety of organisations and artists throughout the year to help identify opportunities for greater cultural collaboration and exchange between Northern Ireland and North America. Our partners include:

Northern Ireland

North America

How We Can Help

The Bureau works with our partners in Northern Ireland and North America to highlight Northern Irish arts and artists and promote the region’s creative industries, programmes, and initiatives. We help by:

  • Facilitating meetings with local arts organisations;
  • Hosting an/or part-sponsoring events in North America;
  • Scouting potential venues; and
  • Identifying opportunities for greater cultural collaboration and exchange