What we do

Our primary role is to promote Northern Ireland as a confident, competitive and outward-looking region. We achieve this by leveraging diverse political, economic and social links to help identify potential areas for collaboration and partnership within North America. Such areas include: trade and investment; tourism; education; arts and culture; and politics and peace building.

We work closely with a number of organisations, businesses, and institutions throughout the year to showcase the many positive developments and contributions—political, academic, cultural and civic—that are of interest to our North American audience.

Why we matter

Although we represent the smallest region in the United Kingdom, the Bureau’s influence in North America is significant. Over 34.5 million Americans, and nearly 16 percent of Canadians, trace their ancestry to Northern Ireland. This means that in North America, the “Northern Ireland” brand is particularly strong. As a result, we have access to an extensive network of contacts and resources working to support our mission. This allows us to reach upwards of 15,000 people each year through various programs and outreach initiatives, including: public lectures, academic workshops, political briefings, cultural showcases, and networking receptions.

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