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Northern Ireland is a dynamic, vibrant and forward-thinking region committed to promoting economic prosperity, cultural development and international growth and engagement. It is the world’s top destination for Financial Services technology investment and the number one international investment location for US cyber security firms. The success of television shows like Game of Thrones, a growing interest in Northern Ireland as a top travel destination, and its reputation as a global leader in the fields of peace, security and conflict resolution, has helped dramatically raise the profile of the region—particularly in North America. Today, Northern Ireland is widely regarded as a great place to visit, work, study, and invest.

What we do

Image of the titanic centre Belfast

The Northern Ireland Bureau is the diplomatic mission of the Northern Ireland 
Executive in the United States and Canada. We work to cultivate and strengthen 
links between various political, economic, educational, and cultural interests in 
Northern Ireland and North America. We also serve as a resource for individuals 
and organisations looking to learn and understand more about Northern Ireland
and about its relationship with the United States and Canada.

More About What We Do

How we can help

Our primary role is to promote Northern Ireland as a confident, competitive and outward-looking region. We achieve this by leveraging diverse political, economic and social links to help identify potential areas for collaboration and partnership within North America.